We are Las Vegas' longest established powder coating shop directly specializing in wheel refurbishment and customization. We offer professional services boasting high quality finishes and fast turn around times.

Looking for a convenient one-stop shop that guarantees a beautiful and long lasting finish for your wheels? You've come to the right place!  Drive In - Drive Out - We understand that convenience is essential, we will simply carry out all the work from start to finish providing you an easy and stress free service.

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Chemical Stripping

Removal of all previous paints and coatings taking the wheel back down to the original bare metal.

Media Blasting

Creates the ideal surface so powder adheres, giving the coating a much more durable & longer lasting finish. 

Damage Repair

Careful removal of all curb damage and imperfections in order to prepare a  flawless surface. 

Powder Coating

A fresh powder coat is applied inside & out, giving a clean appearance that completely transforms wheels. 


Most small curb rash damage is cosmetic and can be easily fixed shortly after blasting.  Deep curb rash damage where a significant amount of material is missing requires additional repairs before the wheel can move to powder coating. 

Identify Damage

We remove the excess damaged material and blend any small damage.

Weld & Repair

A specialized aluminum welding process is used to fill missing material.

Ready for Color!

The whee's surface is prepared to receive a new coat of protective powder coating.


We take every step to guarantee high quality:

  • Tire Dismounting
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Media Blasting
  • Damage Repair
  • Powder Coating
  • Tire Mounting
  • Tire Balancing
  • Final Inspection



"I had my stock Toyota wheels powder coated. Juan and the crew made sure that they looked great! I'll definitely be back in the future to have more toys taken care of. Thanks guys!" - Rick F.


"They did an amazing job powder coating my Boxster wheels in gloss black. I'm very happy with the quality of work. The price was reasonable as well. This is the go to shop for powder coating." - Amber C.


"I can't believe what an awesome job they did on my car. I didn't know what to expect because they had so many color options, but everything matched perfectly. The customer service was great as well! Would definitely recommend." - Darrian G.


"The powder coating place to go! Excellent customer service and great feedback in getting the vision I was looking for. Rims turned out amazing with great price toot! I will go to them before anyone else!" - Troy C.


"They did an amazing job on our Tesla wheels. Took them in with terrible curb rash. They repaired the wheels and the new finish is a head turner. Thank you guys so much. I still can’t believe they tuned out so well." - Brandon B.


"Love this place, they do fantastic work with accurate completion promises. Just had the road rashed rims on my car done and they turned out amazing and new again. Highly recommended!"  - Cyndi S.

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