Snail Motorsports began as a weekend hobby in our home's two-car garage refinishing parts for friends-of-friends with a small kitchen oven. Sheer determination and word of mouth referrals helped our business grow and continue to expand our facilities and equipment, always focused on exceeding your expectations. 

Today our skilled team has the facilities and equipment to take on large production runs and individual custom projects. Regardless of the size, every job receives the highest level of attention and craftsmanship because we don’t know how to do anything less than the best, that's been the Snail's way since day one.

2008 - Humble Garage Beginnings

 The home oven and small garage that got us started in early 2008. We soon began building a bigger oven and slowly purchasing better equipment.

2009 - Renting a Small Warehouse

 A year later we built a bigger oven and rented a tiny warehouse. In 2011 we left our full-time jobs to focus on the shop. The rest as they say is history.

2011 - Going Full Time & Shop Expansion

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2013 - Creating a New Market for Wheels

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2017 - A Personally Difficult Year

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

2018 - Celebrating 10 Years in Business!

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our people

Family Owned & Operated

Juan and Adrienne are the husband and wife team responsible for the shop's daily operations. We take great pride in consistently working hard to deliver a quality product that carries our name, this is our family's legacy.

We enjoy being directly involved in every aspect of what becomes your final product. Adrienne works closely with customers on color selection and job requirements so we stay on schedule and meet deadlines. Juan has a knack for process and work flow and keeps the team organized around the shop. 

Building A Quality Team

We believe that it is our people that enables us to provide a high quality finish at competitive prices. Our employees have embraced a philosophy of continuous improvement, and our company is committed to investing in the education of our most valued resource, our people.  

Our most experienced staff is cross-trained in all aspects of production and quality control. This fosters greater quality awareness and affords the team a buffer when there are fluctuations in production volume.





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