Snail Motorsports started as a weekend hobby in our home's two car garage, refinishing and restoring parts for close friends and family in a used kitchen oven. Sheer determination and word of mouth referrals helped us grow steadily over the last decade and today our skilled team has the equipment and facilities to take on detailed custom jobs and large production projects simultaneously. Every customer receives the highest level of attention and craftsmanship, that's been the Snail way since day one.

2008 - Humble Garage Beginnings


The small house oven, blast cabinet and two-car garage where we began refinishing car and motorcycle parts for friends and family.

2009 - Building a Bigger Oven

A year later we built a bigger oven and rented a tiny warehouse.

Soon we began to hand build a bigger oven to accommodate larger parts like truck bumpers, motorcycle frames and car wheels.

2010 - Renting a Small Warehouse


Work load became steady, so we rented a small warehouse with a simple color display and we began accepting walk-in jobs.

2012 - Going Full Time & Expanding


Bigger equipment allowed us to take the plunge so we left our full-time jobs to focus entirely on the needs of our customers and the shop.

2013 - Establishing a New Market


While expanding warehouse space, tire machines and lifts were installed to offer in-house mounting/balancing and secure indoor vehicle storage.

2018 - Celebrating 10 Years!


We're excited about the company's bright future and look forward to helping our customers and employees grow together.



Adrienne Pereda & Juan Pereda are the husband and wife team behind the shop's daily operation. We truly enjoy being directly involved in every aspect of our business and consistently working to deliver a quality product that proudly carries our name and family's legacy.

Our experienced staff is cross-trained in all aspects of our trade and take a lot of pride in our craft. We run a tight ship and our clean shop and high-quality final product reflect our values and intentions as a good company to do business with.

Why the 'Snail' name

We find Snails fascinating and given the obvious contradiction working in the fast-paced Motorsports industry, the temptation for an easy joke was too much to resist. Snail Motorsports was born and the oxymoron name just stuck over time.

The humble Snail embodies our philosophy towards business and the relationships we build over time. We live and let live knowing that what goes around comes around like the spiral patterns on a shell. Snails remind us that anything worth doing takes great effort, skill, and persistence.  


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