Categories: SRT-4 Modifications
      Date: Sep 25, 2007
     Title: SRT-4 Turbo Swap Guide
Find out how to remove a stock turbo from your SRT-4 so you can upgrade to a bigger unit and learn a few tips and tricks to make sure your install goes smoothly.

The removal and installation of a turbo in an SRT-4 should only take 2-3 hours for your average weekend mechanic. It can be done without any help, but having a buddy or two will be a great help especially when installing the new turbo. Be patient, follow these instructions, and be careful not to damage the turbo.

Turbo Removal

Disconnect & remove battery. Remove air intake tube. Use a 10mm wrench to the negative and positive terminals. Use a 13mm socket and long extension to remove the battery tie-down located on the rear-lower section of the battery. Use a long flathead screwdriver to loosen the two clamps on the intake tube and pull it off the turbo and air box.

Remove top heat shield and loosen bottom heat shield. Use a 10mm wrench to remove all bolts from the heatshield. Use your favorite penetrating fluid on these, they tend to be on there pretty good. Make sure you can push the lower heatshield back and down at least a half and inch, this will help when removing the coolant lines later on.

Remove the wastegate actuator. Use a 12mm wrench or socket to loosen the 2 bolts securing the wastegate to the turbo, pull out the cotter pin on the wastegate arm and exhaust manifold, then finish removing the 2 bolts holding the wastegate in place.

Remove all turbo lines, hoses, and slide turbo. There are 4 hard lines on the turbo and 2 rubber lines. The 2 oil lines are located on the top and bottom, the 2 coolant lines are located on the rear of the turbo near the firewall, and 2 vacuum lines facing the driver's side.

Although it is possible to remove everything with the turbo attached to the exhaust manifold, I suggest removing everything in the following order: Use a 16mm or 5/8" wrench to remove the top bolt for the top oil line then carefully move the line out of the way. Using a 16mm or 5/8" wrench remove the bolt for two coolant lines on the back of the turbo.

Pull off the two rubber lines from the turbo's driver side. Use a 10mm socket to completely remove the clamp securing the turbo to the exhaust manifold. Very carefully pull the turbo away from the exhaust manifold, make sure not to bump the turbine on anything and place a towel over the exhaust for extra protection.

Remove oil return line and charge pipe. Completely remove turbo. Now that the turbo is out it can be carefully maneuvered to reach access to the bottom oil line. Use an 8mm wrench or socket to remove the bolts holding the oil line, be patient. Use an 8mm wrench or socket to loosen the charge pipe clamp located on the bottom of the turbo and remove the charge pipe. You can now remove the turbo from the engine bay.

Turbo is out of the way, you're almost ready for the new turbo
Turbo Install

Transplant any parts to the new turbo. It's a lot easier to install a blow-off valve or block-off plate now than after the turbo is on the car. There is also a shim (metal ring) that should have come out with the turbo, install that piece on the new turbo as well.

Transfer all reusable parts to the new turbo

Replace oil return line gasket. There is a gasket on the oil return line (lower line with two 8mm bolts). By now that gasket might have turned into a very hard almost plastic like surface, if you can scratch it with your nail there is a gasket there and it needs to be removed. Use something to cover the line hole, you don't want anything to get in there! Using a blade peel off most of the gasket, then use some thick grit sandpaper to give the surface a nice finish.

Clean oil return line contact surface

You are now ready to install the new turbo. You can install the turbo first then hook up all the lines, but I find it easier to reverse the removal steps.

Place a towel over the exhaust manifold outlet to avoid any hard impact with the turbine. Carefully place the turbo close to the manifold and connect to the charge pipe. I find it easier to do this with a friend by removing the bolt(s) that hold the charge pipe below the engine and having him move it around then push up into the turbo. Use an 8mm socket or wrench to tighten the clamp. Connect the oil return line along with the new gasket by tightening the two 8mm bolts. You can now remove the towel from the exhaust manifold and get ready to slide the turbo into the exhaust manifold.

Carefully maneuver turbo into place, connect bottom oil line, then slide into manifold

Using extreme caution, slide the turbo into the exhaust manifold. Make sure to align the shim and the turbo with the pin on the exhaust manifold. Slide the turbo clamp into place from the firewall towards the front and use a 10mm socket to secure it in place.

Install both coolant lines, top oil line, and hoses. Make sure to place one crush washer between the turbo and fitting, then another crush washer between the fitting and the bolt head. Start by using a 16mm or 5/8" wrench to secure the bottom coolant line, then line up the top coolant line and tighten. Now use the same 16mm or 5/8" wrench to secure the top oil line. Connect the two other hoses/lines by hand.

Install the charge pipe & wastegate. I find it easier to unbolt the charge pipe from the brackets found under the car using a 13mm. Then have a buddy pull down on it while you line up the coupler and have him push it up into the turbo. Now use an 8mm wrench or socket to tighten the clamp. Also, reinstall your wastegate actuator by starting the two 12mm bolts, then installing the arm on the exhaust manifold and inserting the cotter pin, then tighten the two bolts.

Install battery and connect terminals. Install air intake. Reconnect the battery in the same way it was removed, then use a long flat head to tighten the clamps on the air intake tube after installing it.

Prime Turbo & Start Up

You have now installed your new turbo and reconnected the battery and intake tube. You're now ready to crank the engine without any spark, this will get some oil flowing to prime the turbo. Disconnect the coil pack harness by pulling the red tab out and sliding the connector out of the socket.

Crank the engine several times for a few seconds. Your new turbo is now primed, reconnect the coil pack harness and start the engine. You have just completed your turbo swap. Have fun and be safe!

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